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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth é o próximo jogo criado por Sid Meier, previsto para ser lançado na primavera de 2014. O jopo, em palavras da Firaxis, é o sucessor espiritual do jogo de 1999Alpha Centauri. Beyond Earth não é um pacote de expansão para Civilization V; é um jogo independente.


A história do jogo se passa aproximadamente 200 a 300 anos do presente, quando humanos tem que deixar o planeta Terra como um resultado do evento chamado "O Grande Erro" (The Great Mistake). A humanidade tem que viajar pelo espaço para começar uma nova vida em planetas extraterrestres, estabelecendo colônias lá.


Beyond Earth é único na série Civilization, no qual o jogo se passa no futuro, diferentemente dos outros Civilization jogos, que se passam em diferentes períodos históricos da humanidade.

The game also shares many gameplay features with Alpha Centauri, considering that the game is the spiritual successor to the 1999 title. However, it is stated that Beyond Earth also uses a hexagonal-based grid derived from the game engine used for the development of Civilization V.

The game also features a number of significant departures of the Civilization series. In the previous Civilization games, players assumed control of historical empires led by historical figures, each with preset personalities and unique features; in Beyond Earth, players can choose from anything they want at the game startup, from the one who sponsored their expedition to anything they brought to the new world, allowing players to create a customized "civilization" of their own. Unlike previous games which featured linear tech trees, Beyond Earth has a "tech web" which branches off in several directions. Also, the game intentionally forbids "tech trading" between players, and each player can only choose from one of the available branches of the tech web, making it impossible to learn all technologies in a single playthrough.

Beyond Earth also has several "affinities", similar to the Ideology feature in Brave New World. Affinities, as stated in the game, are overarching philosophies on human advancement that shape players' technological advancements. In addition, some of the in-game units are only available to a certain affinity. There are three available affinities to choose from in the game: Harmony, Supremacy, and Purity.



  • The Great Mistake is presumed to be a nuclear exchange in Asia (Maybe Gandhi).
  • There is now an "orbital layer" which allows for things such as satellites.

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