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Δ Cruiser is a unit in Final Frontier, a mod in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


The Cruiser is a medium-strength warship which can also carry powerful Anti-Ship and Doomsday Missiles.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Cruiser is one step of development beyond the Destroyer, and was the result of the arms race towards bigger and more powerful ships. It possesses more armor and weapons than its cousin, but sacrifices speed (and a cheaper cost) to that end. While the Cruiser is armed with a more powerful anti-ship cannon, the major difference between Destroyers and Cruisers is that the latter may hold Missiles. This gives Cruisers a potential destructive capability surpassing any other ship-type, particularly if an enemy is caught unprepared. The best defense against Cruiser attacks are other powerful ships like Battleships, but also Destroyers, as these vessels are also equipped with specialized targeting computers and phalanx laser turrets designed to destroy incoming missiles.