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Δ Destroyer is a unit in Final Frontier, a mod in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


Destroyers are combat ships mediocre on the front line but powerful against enemy Missiles and Fighter and Bomber Squadrons.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Destroyer is the cheapest but also the weakest front-line warship available. Their primary strength lies in their speed and (ideally) superior numbers. The Destroyer was the first heavy ship type to be designed for a purely martial purpose. After its introduction, the Destroyer was mainly used to defend the more powerful and expensive ships of the fleet from attacks from Missiles and Fighter and Bomber Squadrons. Even with the advantage of greater numbers, these vessels may have difficulty defeating more powerful ships like the Cruiser or Battleship by themselves. Their speed makes them good potential hit-and-run raiders, sneaking into enemy rear areas and running from pursuers, particularly when paired with a Scout and their great visibility range, but they stand little chance against anything more powerful than another Destroyer.