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Ω Carrier is a unit in Final Frontier, a mod in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


The Carrier is an expensive ship whose purpose is to hold Fighter and Bomber Squadrons, but its direct combat capabilities are highly limited.

Civilopedia entry[]

As weapons became smaller and more powerful, Bomber Squadrons became real threats to larger ships. However, with their limited range, the need arose for a ship able to extend this destructive capability across the universe, and the Carrier was the result. This ship is potentially the most deadly ship in the universe. The Carrier itself is relatively weak, and only possesses minimal defenses against other ships. The true power of the Carrier lies within its cargo hold, as a small hive of Fighter and Bomber Squadrons wait patiently to overwhelm unsuspecting foes. This allows the Carrier to project its power beyond the reach of any other ship. The best way to destroy a Carrier is to get within range to attack the ship directly and to overwhelm it, or to destroy its complement of strike craft, leaving it defenseless. However, with its defenses intact and supported by other vessels, the Carrier can be a frightening enemy.