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Ω Invasion Ship is a unit in Final Frontier, a mod in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


Invasion Ships are units designed to capture enemy Star Systems, but are slow and weak in other battles.

Civilopedia entry[]

The colonization of space has led to a whole new set of military problems not found in terrestrial warfare. One such problem was how to best deliver troops to an enemy planet. In the earliest days of interstellar warfare, a planet's defense rested exclusively on its defending spacecraft and other space-based weaponry; once these were destroyed ships could land on the planet without much risk. However, when nations began establishing planet-based defenses to prevent these attacks, invasion became more difficult. The response was the creation of specialized Invasion Ships. Fitted with extra armor to survive the descent towards a Star System's planets, the primary goal of these slow ships is to capture enemy Star Systems. While not as powerful as other craft, their low cost makes them a highly attractive option for use in en masse planetary assault.