AEGIS Cruisers are sea units in Civilization II which feature a 100% defensive bonus vs attacks by air units, as well as the ability to see units 2 spaces away and spot submarines in adjacent squares.


Cruisers have long served in the role of escort and defensive vessels, screening carrier task forces and amphibious assaults from enemy ships and aircraft. In recent years, the abilities of the cruiser have been upgraded significantly. In addition to their traditional five-inch guns, cruisers also carry batteries of Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles. The latest development in cruiser armament is the AEGIS surface-to-air missile system, which allows cruisers to target and fire their missiles more accurately and more effectively than ever before. The cruisers of today are highly capable of intercepting and destroying enemy submarines, surface ships, aircraft, and missiles.

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The image is based on the Ticonderoga class cruiser that the USA uses.

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