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"Their rising all at once was as the sound of thunder heard remote."

Game InfoEdit

The development of Acoustics in the Renaissance Age allows great advancements in the empire's 20xCulture5 Culture, primarily in the field of music. This is represented by the new building, the Opera House, and the creation of the final artistic guild, the Musicians' Guild.

One of the more interesting representations of culture effects in the game is the 20xCulture5 Culture bonus for the Brazilwood Camp. It is little known that this type of wood is the primary material used for making bows for string instruments!

Civilopedia entryEdit

Acoustics is the study of sound. Sounds are waves of energy transmitted through gases, liquids and solids. The most important aspect of acoustics of course is that humans can "hear" sounds, and much of the current research involves improving human reception of sounds, especially for the deaf. Acoustics is used in other applications as well, including sonar. Sonar allows equipment to "hear" undersea vessels, animals and geological formations.

Since acoustics require a medium in which the waves of energy can be transmitted, sound does not travel in the vacuum outside of Earth's atmosphere. 

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