Model Adam Smith's Trading Company (Civ2)

Adam Smith's Trading Co. (Civ2) Adam Smith's Trading Company (which is simply called Adam Smith's Trading Co. in the game) is a wonder in Civilization II.

Game Info

Requires: Economics

Obsolete With: Nothing

Cost: 400 Shield (Civ2)

Adam Smith's Trading Company pays the maintenance for all city improvements which ordinarily cost 1 gold per turn. City improvements requiring more than 1 gold per turn maintenance are not affected.


This wonder makes almost all early city improvements completely free of upkeep which can be considerable for large empires. These include: Granary, Marketplace, Library, Temple, Courthouse, Barracks, Coastal Fortress and the Harbor.

Civilopedia Entry

Adam Smith is generally regarded as the father of modern economics. In his book "The Wealth of Nations", he analyzed the economic processes of supply and demand, and discussed how free trade and individual ambition would lead to both economic and social growth. Smith favored a political environment where the government would only become involved in business and trade to preserve justice and order. Smith's ideas of economics and the lack of government involvement form the basis of modern economic liberalism.


Civilization II Wonder - Adam Smith's Trading Company

Civilization II Wonder - Adam Smith's Trading Company

Video which plays upon the construction of this wonder

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