Civilization: Beyond Earth Fall Update

City growthEdit

A city grows by storing enough 20xFoodBE Food required to increase the population by 1.

For the specific amount of 20xFoodBE Food required to increase the population by 1 at different city sizes, see Food (CivBE).


You gain new Virtues by collecting 20xCultureBE Culture.

The costs for new Virtues increases with the number of virtues you possess.

The formula to calculate the cost is:

Culture required = 4n² + 20

where n is the number of Virtues you already possess.

Virtues 20xCultureBE Culture required for the next Virtue
0 20
1 24
2 36
3 56
4 84
5 120
n 4n² + 20

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Health effectsEdit

A colony has a net health based on its total 20xHealthBE minus its total 20xUnHealthBE. Depending on the net health of a colony, certain bonuses apply to the entire colony. These are all listed in the main article Health (CivBE).

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