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An advisor is an in-game entity that provides players with advice and strategy suggestions to help improve their performance in a Civilization game.

Civilization II

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In Civilization II, the Advisors drop-down menu includes the City Status menu, Casualty Timeline, and Defense and Foreign Ministers as well as the Attitude, Trade, and Science Advisors. The building menu in the city screen also includes a Military Advisor and Domestic Advisor who provide (usually contradictory) advice about what the player should build next.

The most important and famous advisors from the game, however, are the five members of the High Council—a Military, Science, Trade, Foreign, and Attitude advisor who counsel the player and interact with one another in short videos. In antiquity, they are dressed as Romans; during the Middle Ages, they are dressed as Italians and the (in the case of the Attitude Advisor) French; and in modernity, they are dressed as Americans and (in the case of the Foreign Advisor) Russians.

Civilization III

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The Science Advisor bears a strong resemblance to Sid Meier.

Civilization V

Main article: Advisor (Civ5)

Civilization VI

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There is one advisor in the game. She is voiced by Natasha Loring.

Civilization: Beyond Earth

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There is one advisor in the game. It is called "ADVISR" and voiced by James Horan.

Civilization Revolution

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Other games

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