DS Advisor Concept Art (CivRev)

Advisor concept art from the DS version of Civilization Revolution

In Civilization Revolution, the four advisors are the people who will update you on everything that is happening in your empire: Technologies, production, and so on.

Military AdvisorEdit

This advisor appears as a large man with a ginger moustache and wearing full medieval armour, with a plume on his helm like a rooster tail. He will inform you of cities being captured, ICBM launches, other civilizations and their military status. He will also inform you of your path to a domination victory. He deals with Great Leaders.

Domestic AdvisorEdit

The Domestic Advisor is a woman in a medieval blue and gold dress with a matching cap. She informs you of your government changes, production, Wonders built and Great People appearing. She will also inform you of economic milestones. She asks you where to put Great Explorers/Industrialists.

Foreign AdvisorEdit

The dark-skinned woman in a red dress and short brown hair is your Foreign Advisor. She informs you of updates on diplomatic relationships between other civs. She also informs you as you are getting close to a cultural victory. She deals with Great Humanitarians and Great Artists/Thinkers.

Science AdvisorEdit

The final advisor is a man in a lab coat and red bow tie. He has scruffy Einstein-style hair and facial hair. He will tell you about technological advances and helps you with a technological victory.

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