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Aerospace Contractors is a Wildcard Policy Card in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.

Strategy Edit

Aerospace Contractors, as its name and the icon of the civic that unlocks it suggest, is well worth adopting if you're aiming for a Science Victory. The extra Aluminum (Civ6) Aluminum and Power (Civ6) Power it provides to cities with Spaceports will help them build and maintain Lagrange Laser Stations and Terrestrial Laser Stations, which will accelerate your exoplanet spacecraft's voyage to its destination. A possible secondary benefit is the boost to building up and/or maintaining your air force from whatever surplus Aluminum (Civ6) Aluminum you may gain from this policy.

Civilopedia entry Edit

In nations with well-developed aerospace industries and government-sponsored space exploration, it is common for the government to contract with these industries to manufacture and service the tools of space exploration. This is generally seen to benefit both parties: The government pays less (ostensibly) because it can tap into an existing pool of talent, and the industries benefit by extending their government space program work into the civilian sector. In that latter case, spinoffs from the hook-and-loop fastener to powdered breakfast drink to the global positioning system are all extensions of the government space program.

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