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Age of Discovery is a scenario in Civilization III: Conquests.


This scenario relives the glory years of European world dominance as players strike out from Europe to explore and colonize Africa and the New World. Play as Spain, Portugal, France, England or Netherlands and try to be the most successful at exploiting the riches of the New World. For a real challenge, play as Aztecs, Maya or Inca and try and hold off the Europeans long enough for a one-city cultural victory. Uses modified tech tree including a variety of naval units, mines and plantations, and elements of the Reformation.



It is the year 1490 AD. New powers are beginning to emerge on the Iberian peninsula. The marriage between Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon has reunited the Spanish and led to the expulsion of the remaining Moors in Granada. Portuguese explorers, trained at the school founded by Prince Henry the Navigator, have explored the western coast of Africa and established an outpost on the island of Madeira. Other countries rush to build caravels and navigation schools to compete. What new lands and riches will be uncovered in this emerging Age of Discovery?


The rules have been modified for this scenario to encourage growth and development outside of Europe (corruption has been lowered for all cities, and colonists are available later in the tech tree, allowing creation of settlers for just 1 population). Tundra and desert are impassable. The Portuguese start the game with a Golden Age; each other playable civilization has a unique unit that can launch a Golden Age.


Points are scored throughout the game using victory point (VP) awards. Treasure units can be built by establishing mines, factories, trapper camps, and plantations near resources. These treasure units can be returned to your capital for 1000 VP and 200 gold each. The winner should be either the first European civilization to score 35000 points, or the first Mesoamerican civilization to hold out against the Europeans and win a (single city) cultural victory. Be careful, the Aztecs, Inca, and Maya are able to sacrifice captured workers for bonus culture!


This scenario takes place after Christopher Columbus discovers the New World. There are key events that can take place. There are four Native American civilizations: the Aztecs, the Maya, the Inca, and the Iroquois. There is a dated tech tree.

In the multiplayer version of the scenario, the Iroquois are removed.

Treasure units can be built after building improvements near resources; these units can then be returned to the owner's capital for 1000 Victory Points and 200 gold. The Aztecs, Inca, and Maya can earn bonus culture by sacrificing captured Workers.

The first European civilization to accumulate 35,000 Victory Points or the first Native American civilization to increase one city's cultural value to 20,000 achieves victory in the scenario. If neither of these conditions is met before 150 turns elapse, the civilization with the highest score wins.


All civilizations start the game with Craftsmanship, Ceremonial Burial, Pottery and Warrior Code.



Removed in the multiplayer version.

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