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An agenda is an aspect of an AI leader in Civilization VI that governs his or her behavior. Leaders' agendas have a strong influence on how they play the game and interact with the other players.

Each AI leader in the game has two distinct agendas: one that is unique to the leader and is revealed when the player meets him or her for the first time, and one that is "hidden" and can only be discovered through espionage. As a rule, AI leaders will be friendlier toward players who respect their agendas and more hostile toward players who ignore or defy them.

Gathering Storm makes some minor changes to the agenda system, giving each AI leader two different hidden agendas (one for the early game and one for the late game) in addition to his or her unique ("historical") agenda.

The list of agendas and their effects are listed here.

Civilization VI [edit]
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R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
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