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Detailed trait info[]

  • Agricultural Civilizations get an +1 bonus to food in the city tile, this is generally affected by the despotism penalty.
    • Towns, cities and metros settled next to a river or fresh water source will receive that +1 food bonus even under the despotism penalty.
  • In addition, all irrigated desert tiles produce +1 extra food (irrigation provides a bonus of +2 food to deserts not just +1).
  • All buildings marked with the flag 'Agricultural' will have their production costs halved, which effectively means they're half price or built at double speed compared to other non-Agricultural civilizations. The Agricultural buildings are Aqueduct, Solar Plants and Recycling Center. Notably Granaries, Hospitals, mass transit or other power plants are not considered for this bonus.
  • Agricultural civilizations start the game with Pottery if the civilization is both Expansionist and Agricultural then it starts with Masonry as well.

The following civilizations are agricultural:

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