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The Airport is an advanced aerial building in Civilization VI. It is built in the Aerodrome district and requires a Hangar (or one of its replacements).

Strategy Edit

For those that manage to quickly develop the requisite Civic, the Airport allows terrific mobility! Just as in Civilization V: Brave New World, you will now be able to instantly move units between continents, literally from one part of the world to the other! Of course, you will need to develop your Aerodromes at the two points first.

And of course, the Airport allows further enhancement of the city's production capabilities and airplane construction efficiency.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Technically, an “airport” is any sort of location where airplanes, helicopters, blimps, or other aircraft can take off and land. However, in common usage an airport is a complex for commercial passenger aircraft, consisting of runways, control towers, hangers, terminals, emergency facilities and even parking structures. Man’s tendency to be in a hurry has made airports an inherent part of every city landscape (although most commercial airports are now located well away from the city, given the noise and pollution). Prior to 1930, most airports were small airfields or aerodromes, with runways of less than 2000 feet. In 1939 busy La Guardia in New York City handled nearly a quarter million passengers a month; the most recent statistics for airport passenger traffic list Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta as the world’s busiest, with over 92 million passing through it in 2011.

Related achievementsEdit

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