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The Airship is an early flight unit that can perform air strikes, see Submarines and inflict significant damage to Naval Units.


  • Air Strike: attack any visible military unit (not Air units) within range. Maximum damage: 20%.
  • Recon: reveal land in a 5-square radius of the target space.
  • Rebase: move to any city the player owns or to any other with which the player has an Open Borders agreement.

With the Recon mission, the Airship enables massively improved, rapid scouting. Air Strike is useful as a support action in an attack, especially with multiple Airships.

Civilopedia entry[]

A large balloon of lighter-than-air gas, usually hydrogen, held within a rigid frame, the Airship became the first controllable method of manned flight. Seeing the military applications of the Airship's long flight distance and impressive speeds (the finest Airships could sustain 40 mph), Germany, France and the United States each adopted the flying machines into regular use from the turn of the century until the 1930s. During World War I, the first Airship bombing runs struck London. But a number of high-profile catastrophes, such as the crash of the US Navy's Macon or Germany's Hindenburg, along with the development of aircraft, returned the Airship to the hangar for good.

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