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Game Info[edit | edit source]

First airship unit, able to move over land and sea. Powerful against land targets, but vulnerable to Flyers.

  • Common traits:
    • Move all terrain
    • All tiles cost 1 move
    • Bonus vs landships (100)
    • No defensive terrain bonuses
    • Unable to capture cities

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Airship is able to move over land and sea, shortening the distance needed to travel to the battlefield and opening up chances to strike enemies from a direction they do not expect. Its large cannons can attack enemy Airships nearby or rain destruction down on targets below. Flyers and Anti-Air Guns pose a threat, so take them out early or bring other unit types for support.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Until the discovery of aetherium, it was believed that only light and maneuverable craft - such as the Flyer - would ever travel the skies. The airship is a strange yet majestic contraption. With the new material, the original engineers and inventors of the airship were free to put nearly anything in the air, going against the constraints of science which had been the guiding laws of their professions heretofore. Necessarily, the product reflected something familiar from past history: a seafaring vessel. It had a deck, armaments on either side, and a balloon in place of a sail. Early airship crews adopted naval conventions of rank and hierarchy. Soon, though, the reality of sustained flight took on its own character. Ship designs became more and more experimental. Airship pilots and crew developed their own culture, at once genteel and whimsical.

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