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See also: Aerodrome (Civ6)

The Airstrip is a standard tile improvement in Civilization VI. It provides a base for military aircraft and may be built on flat terrain of any type. It can be built in neutral territory, but not in territory belonging to other civilizations or city-states (even if you are their Suzerain).

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Airstrips can be invaluable to an offensive player! They may be plopped almost anywhere, close to enemy territory and far away from your own lands. With the new rules for aircraft bases in the game this proves surprisingly important - where exactly you're able to house your planes so that you can use them in offensive (and sometimes even in defensive) action.

So, always bring along some Military Engineers and look for places to place some Airstrips. Just be aware of the hit to local Appeal, especially for Australian players.

Civilopedia entry

When early aeronauts needed a place to land in a hurry, any field that was fairly level and without things sticking up would serve … much to the surprise of many a farmer. In time, some of these became well-known and often used, thus an “airstrip.” In remote locations around the world, these extended air travel to everywhere. Most consisted of a grassy runway and perhaps some fueling storage tanks and pumps. Not many amenities, but these weren’t intended for tourists and the casual traveler. Unlike aerodromes and airports – although some airstrips did mature into these – airstrips were more for unplanned stops than not, or as a means to land near some backwater settlement. Oil fields, lumber camps, sheep stations, cattle ranches and the like often boasted an airstrip. Some still do.

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