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For the leader, see Alexander (Civ6).

Alexander the Great is a Great General in the Conquests of Alexander scenario in Civilization VI.

Unique Ability Edit

+15 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength and +3 Civ6Movement Movement to all units within 2 tiles.

If Alexander the Great is within one tile of a city that contains a Palace or a wonder, 1-2 new units will appear when the player captures it. If Alexander the Great is killed, the scenario will end in defeat for the player.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Alexander had a reputation for leading from the front, endearing himself to his soldiers by sharing in the same (or more) danger than they did. He would often lead the hetairoi (Companion cavalry) into battle, and was once so impatient to storm the walls of a besieged city that he and a few troops found themselves cut off and surrounded by the enemy. Though he suffered a grievous wound, he survived the seemingly impossible situation, and his soldiers loved him all the more for his courage—which the sly Alexander certainly used to push them beyond their limits.

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