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 "Everything here appears calculated to inspire kind and happy feelings, for everything is delicate and beautiful."
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The Alhambra is a Medieval Era wonder in Civilization VI. It must be built on Hills adjacent to an Encampment.

  • Effects:
    • +2 Amenities Amenities
    • +2 Great General Great General points per turn
    • +1 Military Policy Military policy slot
    • Occupying unit receives +4 Strength Defense Strength and automatically gains 2 turns of fortification (+6 Strength Defense Strength).


The Alhambra is a useful wonder for almost any civilization planning on war in the mid- to late game. The extra Military policy slot can bring enormous benefits.

Having the extra Military Policy Military policy slot enables a war-oriented civ to be much more flexible in their government choice. They can choose a government with fewer Military policy slots thanks to the extra one granted by the Alhambra, or they can still choose a war-focused government and accrue many Military policies. Gorgo will want to make this wonder a priority, as it will provide all her units with +1 Strength Combat Strength.

The extra Amenities Amenities are also important for conquest. Typically, one can only afford to build wonders in their biggest cities. Adding +2 Amenities Amenities in one of your biggest cities allows your civilization to distribute luxury resources to the smaller cities as a result.

Note that the Alhambra, and all Forts for that matter, also provides fortification bonuses to religious units.[1]

Civilopedia entry[]

The Alhambra began as a small fortress, constructed in 889 AD by the Moors of Granada in Andalusia (Spain); then it was rebuilt and expanded by the emir Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar in the 11th Century and yet again expanded and converted into a royal palace by Sultan Yusuf I in 1333. The al-Hamra (literally, “the red one”), so named for its red clay fortress walls, was lavish – at least by European standards of the time – with all the comforts, including indoor plumbing. It integrated the natural beauty of the spot with structures and gardens designed and outfitted by the finest Muslim, Jewish, and even Christian craftsmen and artisans of the region. Among its most striking aspects, many of the interior walls and columns are inscribed in carved flowing Arabic script with poetry and verses from the Quran. The last sultan of the Nasrid dynasty, Muhammad XII, surrendered Granada to the Spanish in 1492 AD, without the Alhambra being attacked by the crusaders – otherwise it would be just another pile of rubble and memories of elegance.


Related achievements[]

Even Our Castles Have Castles
Even Our Castles Have Castles
Build an Alcazar within 2 tiles of the Alhambra
Possibly a reference to a fortification network formed by the Alcazar together with the Alhambra, the latter of which was a fortress built during Moorish rule over Spain.


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