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Alien Domestication
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Secondary technology of Tier N/A

Science 1820 Science
Requires N/A
Leads to None

+32Harmony Harmony

Buildings enabled None
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled N/A
Units enabled N/A

Allows the Xeno Cavalry unique unit. Improves the Culture Culture output of your Xenomass Wells.

"Aurochs used to kill our ancestors, until we bred the cow. Wolves hunted us, until we bred the dog. Someday the life of this world will come at our call and carry our children upon their backs."

- Samatar Jama Barre, This is Not Exile


The theories of Old Earth evolutionary biologist Jared Diamond, concerning criteria for animal domestication, enjoyed a revival among colonial animal behaviorists when the debate on putting some of the indigenous species to active use. According to Diamond, among the six criteria for a species to be subject to human domestication are such things as a flexible diet, reasonable growth rate, passive temperament (with a flocking instinct a bonus), and a modifiable social hierarchy; as the wilderness was tamed, colonial ethologists began a search for these criteria among the planet’s fauna. One of their first successes came with the raptor bugs, which had long been known to respond to operant conditioning; once methods to modify their inherited temperament, humans found that the raptors proved a benefit in societies seeking a systemic adaptation to life on this world.