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Alien Materials
Alien Materials (CivBE)

Secondary technology of Tier N/A

Science 3216 20xScienceBE
Requires N/A
Leads to None

+40Supremacy (CivBE) Supremacy

Buildings enabled Xenonova
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled N/A
Units enabled N/A

Unlocks the Xenonova Wonder.

"Floatstone beat Anansi and Coyote at poker, and won the right to leave the ground. But Floatstone forgot to ask for wings to fly, and so it just sort of hangs around feeling sorry for itself."

- The Uncle Nevercloned Stories


Floatstone, miasma and firaxite are not the only materials unique to this planet, only the best known and most useful. Colonial scientists and researchers have since planetfall devoted endless hours to the discovery of new “alien materials” and uses for them. These include some that were known on Old Earth but either extremely rare or only theorized, such as astatine-210 and the transuranic elements, both actinides and transactinides. Several of the transuranics, given their malleable quantum state, are now utilized extensively in robots, quantum computers and communications, and cybernetics. Colonial researchers are also exploring the creation of several of the 46 hypothetical “period 8 elements,” utilizing conditions found on this planet – primarily its younger age and greater geological activity than Earth. Unfounded rumors abound that a colonial institute has been successful in creating unbibium, a hypothetical element with an atomic number of 122. Given that the energy levels of the outer orbitals in unbibium are so close, the electrons freely exchange places in relativistic modes and hence would produce large amounts of energy with minimal decay, offering power on an almost unimagined scale.

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