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Alien Sciences
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Primary technology of Tier 2

Science 380 20xScienceBE.png
Requires Genetics
Leads to Alien Ethics


Buildings enabled Xenofuel Plant
Improvements enabled Xenomass Well
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled None
Notes Allows the Xenofuel Plant and Xenonursery buildings. Allows Workers to build the Xenomass Well tile improvement.
"When you meet a new neighbor, you greet her with heartfelt courtesy. So also will we get to know our new alien neighbors."

- Samatar Jama Barre, This is Not Exile


The alien sciences (or more accurately, “exo-sciences”) seek to understand the broad range of off-Earth phenomena, ranging from planetary studies (such as exo-geology and exo-climatology) to non-terrestrial lifeforms (exobiology and exo-evolution). While opportunities to conduct field studies were limited to the planets and planetoids orbiting Sol until the first interstellar exploratory probes, the two centuries following the Great Mistake nevertheless saw significant discoveries in alien sciences. Arrival on this planet funneled exo-science research into paths that would contribute to the survival and success of colonial endeavors. The first revolutionary, practical discovery beyond mere classification efforts was the refining of “xenofuel” from xenomass, freeing the colonies from reliance on traditional petroleum-based fuels, less common here than on Old Earth due to the younger age of this planet.

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