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All Seer (CivBE)

All Seer Icon

Game infoEdit

  • Advanced military satellite. Requires Dark Networks technology, 4 20xPetroleumBE Petroleum and 1 20xTitaniumBE Titanium.
  • Removes Covert Agents from Cities in range; eliminates Intrigue and prevents Intrigue increase in Cities in range.
  • Lifespan: 30 turns
  • Range: 1 tile


This is a state-of-the-art anti-spy platform, which utilizes high-precision cameras, sensors and all sorts of devices to monitor each individual citizen in a city and discover its activities. Dubbed 'Big Brother', this satellite will make sure no Covert Agents can operate in the city. Use it wisely.

Civilopedia Entry

The “All-Seer” is a misnomer. This satellite utilizes state of the art observational protocols to monitor a city’s population through imagery, audio recording, heat signatures, digital monitoring, and other forms of highly-classified observation. In this way, “God” might be a more accurate name for this orbital device. While its use is ethically dubious at best, the All-Seer is unmatched in its covert capabilities. When focused upon a city, the All-Seer will not only reduce its intrigue to zero, but also prevent intrigue from increasing. Not only that, once activated, the All-Seer is programmed to locate, isolate, and report all enemy spies to the proper authorities. In the planet’s largest cities, this process is estimated to take no longer than 17 seconds.

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