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In Civilization VI and its expansions, an Alliance Alliance is the next step in diplomacy when you are ready to take your friendly relationship with another civilization to the next level. Alliance Alliances become possible after developing the Civil Service civic. You can only enter into an Alliance Alliance with a civ if you and its leader are Declared Friends.


Allies automatically have Open Borders and Shared Visibility, which means you can see everything your ally's cities and units see. In addition, you can make Research Agreements and Defensive Pacts. You cannot take hostile action against an ally.

An Alliance Alliance helps improve the relationship between two civilizations, and it makes proposed deals and other forms of trade go smoothly.

Rise and Fall onward[]

A Level 3 Research Alliance gives a 10% Science Science boost when researching a tech your ally has already researched, or when researching the same tech. Common techs are marked with a blue Alliance icon.

In Rise and Fall, Alliance Alliances have been broken down into different types and present much greater possibilities. Research Agreements and Defensive Pacts are incorporated into the new Alliance Alliance mechanics.

There are now five different types of Alliance Alliances: Research, Military, Economic, Cultural, and Religious, each of which has its own specific benefits. As the Alliance Alliance continues, its benefits will increase. Maintaining an Alliance Alliance with a player accrues Alliance Points over time, and when enough points have been accumulated, your Alliance Alliance level with this player increases. There are three levels, each one offering more powerful benefits which stack with the earlier ones. You can speed up Alliance Point accumulation by sending Trade Route Trade Routes to or receiving them from your ally, or by using specific policy cards.

Each Alliance Alliance type is unique; this means that each civilization may maintain a particular type of Alliance Alliance with only one other civ at a time. For example, if you intend to enter into a Cultural Alliance with Civilization A, you cannot do so if either you or they already have a Cultural Alliance with Civilization B. You will either have to wait until the Alliance Alliances expire, or choose a different type of Alliance Alliance.

Another difference from vanilla Civilization VI is that allies do not automatically gain Shared Visibility. You still gain visibility from units, but territorial visibility will only be available under other circumstances (e.g. upon reaching Level 2 of a Military Alliance, or when participating in an Emergency). Also, allies now automatically sign a Defensive Pact and will come to each other's aid if a third party engages in hostilities against either one (and Defensive Pacts can no longer be formed outside of Alliance Alliances).

This system encourages entering into Alliance Alliances and maintaining them for as long as possible - this way, you will be able to build up trust with your ally and level up the Alliance Alliance to reap its greatest benefits. What's more, in Gathering Storm each active Alliance Alliance gives you +1 Diplomatic Favor Diplomatic Favor per turn per level, which can turn into a major boost to a civilization's diplomatic power.

Of course, in order to maintain Alliance Alliances you will have to stay on good terms with other leaders. A leader you've offended (or who has many Grievances Grievances against you in Gathering Storm) will not want to become Declared Friends with you, which will prevent you from forming an Alliance Alliance with him or her.

Type of Alliance Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Research Alliance
  • Every 30 turns (on Standard), you unlock a Eureka Eureka for a tech that your ally has researched or boosted, but you have not.
  • Allies receive accelerated research on techs that have been discovered by one civilization but not the other and when researching the same tech concurrently.
Cultural Alliance
  • Each of your Districts grant an additional Great Person point per turn if you have a Trade Route Trade Route from that city to your ally
  • You gain +20% of your ally's Tourism Tourism from Cities
  • You gain +10% of your ally's Culture Culture from Cities
Economic Alliance
  • Bonus Envoy Envoy Points for every City State that is Tributary to your ally
  • Share Suzerain unique bonuses with your ally
Military Alliance
  • +5 Strength Combat Strength against units of players at war with you and your ally
  • +15% Production Production toward military units when you or your ally are at war
  • Share Visibility
  • Units start with a free Promotion
Religious Alliance
  • Your ally's Religion does not exert Religious pressure on cities dominated by your Religion, and vice versa
  • +2 Faith Faith from Trade Route Trade Routes to your ally
  • +1 Faith Faith from Trade Route Trade Routes from your ally
  • +10 Religious Strength Religious Combat Strength against non-ally Religions
  • +1 Faith Faith for each of your Citizens following your ally's religion
  • Bonus Religious Pressure in cities with no followers of your ally's Religion

Alliance Points[]

Suleiman is gaining 4 Alliance Points per turn for having Ibrahim with the Khass-Oda-Bashi title, Democracy with the Wisselbanken policy card, the same Secret Society as Gilgamesh and a Trade Route to Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh also has Democracy with Wisselbanken and a Trade Route to Suleiman. They are also both at war with Tamar.

In order to reach higher Alliance Alliance levels, you need to accrue enough Alliance Points (80 to reach Level 2 and 160 more to reach Level 3 on Standard speed). Two civilizations that are allies of one another always get 1 Alliance Point per turn, but there are ways to help speed up this process:

* In Gathering Storm, Arsenal of Democracy was removed and its effects got transferred to the Democracy government. Therefore, Alliance Points will grow by 0.25 extra if one party has adopted Democracy and by 0.5 extra if both have adopted Democracy.

As outlined above, all of these actions have symmetric effects on both parties of the Alliance Alliance, so they will always both accrue Alliance Points at the same rate and reach higher Alliance Alliance levels at the same time.

An Alliance Alliance expires after 30 turns on Standard speed, at which point it needs to be proposed and signed again (after you and your former ally have renewed your declaration of friendship). If historical allies (i.e. civilizations that had at least a Level 2 Alliance Alliance in the past) denounce or declare war on one another, a Betrayal Emergency will be triggered.

Related achievements[]

Adamantine Confederacy
Adamantine Confederacy
As Poundmaker, have an active Alliance of every type.
Phrase that directly means 'unbreakable alliance'.
Achieve the maximum Alliance level with Gilgamesh
A term used to refer to a close friendship between two guys.
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