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Alloy Foundry
Alloy Foundry (CivBE)
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 310 20xProductionBE
Maintenance 1 20xEnergyBE Energy
Requires 20xTitaniumBE Titanium near the city
Specialist slots 2 Engineers
Effect +2 20xProductionBE Production
+2 20xProductionBE from 20xTitaniumBE Titanium
Notes None


The discovery of plentiful deposits of rare or newfound minerals on this planet brought the development of a number of unique alloys. To create and work these, as well as produce better known, traditional alloys, most colonies built alloy foundries. Using common non-ferrous metals as the matrix, minerals extracted from firaxite, osmium, rhenium and yttrium ores serve as the solutes in binary alloys; a few ternary alloys are also produced on-planet, such as the nickel-titanium-firaxite blend that serves as the basis for most colonial smart grids. Most colonial foundries produce interstitial alloys rather than substitutional alloys as the common metals usually used as the matrix have a smaller atom than the solutes. A few of the foundries make use of titanium – common but useful – in precipitation hardening alloys that are resistant to most corrosives (notably miasma) found on this planet. With their induction or reverberatory furnaces, crucibles, degassing and degating equipment, and finishing machinery, alloy foundries are expensive operations, not to mention dangerous to workers. To counter this, colonial foundries are now being automated or staffed with robots. Although this has reduced costs and increased safety, human oversight remains critical in many of the alloy processes, as impurities and other issues arise on a regular basis.

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