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Aluminum provides production and commerce to the city that works it. It is required for the production of the Modern Armor, Jet Fighter, and Stealth Bomber. It also doubles production speed for the Space Elevator, the Apollo Program, the SS Casing, the SS Docking Bay, the SS Thrusters, and the SDI.

Civilizations with cities where the Aluminum Co. corporation is present automatically receive one of this resource.

Civilopedia entry[]

A silvery-gray metal, aluminum has a staggering number of uses and applications in the modern age. Just a few benefits include the fact it never rusts, is lighter than copper (and almost as effective in electricity transmission), and is soft enough to easily mold for nearly any purpose. Though the dominant metal in the Earth's composition, aluminum wasn't discovered until 1825, thousands of years after copper and iron. The primary reason for this was the difficulty in extracting the metal from the ore (bauxite). Charles Hall, a 22-year-old American, created what was to become the most cost-effective method of separating aluminum in 1886. His process involved passing an electrical current through aluminum oxide, resulting in separate components of pure aluminum and oxygen.

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