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Game Info[]

Advanced late-game strategic resource. Used by powerful late-game units.


Aluminum Aluminum is discovered about the same time as Oil Oil, with the Electricity technology. Aluminum Aluminum sources are more common than Oil Oil sources, found in the more conventional locations as a general rule, and they're also much easier to find than Coal Coal sources.

Try to plan your late-game expansions so that you ensure access to this important resource. Aluminum Aluminum is accessed with the Mine and conveys the usual benefits to Production Production. Aluminum Aluminum can also be gained by building a Recycling Center.

Aluminum Aluminum is used a bit differently than the military-only Oil Oil: some late-game economic buildings, such as the Hydro Plant, also require it. In the Information Era, many military vehicles start to use Aluminum Aluminum instead of Oil Oil, vastly increasing its consumption.

Lastly, all six parts of the spaceship require Aluminum Aluminum to build. Since each part stops consuming the resource when it is added, it is possible to complete the spaceship with just one unit of Aluminum Aluminum. Be sure to plan accordingly.

Civilopedia entry[]

Aluminum is one of the most abundant elements on Earth. A remarkably useful metal, aluminum is flexible, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion. Although plentiful, in its natural state aluminum is almost always found combined with other materials. It wasn't until the mid-19th century that scientists discovered how to extract and process aluminum in quantity. By the 20th-21st centuries it is widely used in the construction of military, aerospace, and consumer goods. Remember that aluminum is a strategic resource, and thus it is consumed as you construct the associated units and buildings.

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