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Aluminum Aluminum is an Atomic Era Strategic Resource in Civilization VI. It is revealed with Radio.

Aluminum Aluminum is found in Deserts, Desert Hills, Plains, and Rainforests.


Aluminum Aluminum is required for most air units in the game, with the exception of the most basic one (the Biplane). The resource itself is fairly common. It provides a nice boost to Production Production (though not as large as Oil Oil and Coal Coal), but this is thanks to its improvement, not the resource itself. Aluminum Aluminum's bonus yield is Science Science.

In the Gathering Storm expansion, Aluminum Aluminum - besides being used to build and maintain aircraft - is also indispensable for the reworked Scientific Victory, as it is used to build the Lagrange Laser Station.

The Future Era policy card Aerospace Contractors grants Aluminum Aluminum for free! Sadly, it is unlocked very late, with Exodus Imperative, and it also requires an expensive Spaceport. Consider it a backup option in all cases - if you need Aluminum Aluminum for building airplanes (or Helicopters in Gathering Storm), chances are your military is strong enough to "liberate" some.

Civilopedia entry[]

The Greeks and Romans used aluminum salts as astringents and bath powders. For centuries, that’s all aluminum was good for, until in 1825 AD the Danish chemist Hans Orsted managed to create a lump of aluminum metal. In the 1850s, pure aluminum was so difficult to produce that bars of it were more valuable than gold and even exhibited as a curiosity at the Exposition Universelle in 1855. Scientists, of course, just had to find uses for it, and now aluminum is found in everything from spacecraft to skillets.

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