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Amber Amber is a luxury resource in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It is found on Woods, Rainforest, and Coast tiles.


Amber Amber is a unique luxury resource, appearing on both forested land (where it is improved with a Mine) and in the water (where it is improved with Fishing Boats). Either way, it provides Culture Culture and the standard Amenities Amenities bonus of luxury resources, as well as the Mine's bonuses to Production Production or the Fishing Boats' bonuses to Food Food and Gold Gold.

Notably, water-based sources of Amber Amber may appear on any Coast tile on the map, whereas land-based sources will appear only on a single continent (as one of that continent's four unique luxury resources).

Civilopedia entry[]

Amber has been prized for its decorative value since the Neolithic era, and also figured prominently in religious practices. Not just shiny stones, the scent of amber made it imminently tradable by European Catholics during the Reformation period, who considered it a blessing from God.

Related achievements[]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Have an improved Amber resource in a city with a Zoo and an Archaeological Museum at the start of the turn.
A reference to the Jurassic Park franchise, where dinosaurs are brought back from the dead through the extraction of dinosaur DNA from fossilized mosquitos in amber and put in a 'zoo' of sorts.
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