American Reclamation Corporation (ARC)
American Reclamation Corporation (CivBE)
American Reclamation Corporation
Leader Suzanne Fielding
Capital Central

Covert operations are 25% faster and cause 25% more intrigue.

ARC (American Reclamation Corporation) is the corporate/espionage faction. Espionage is a more integral system in Civilization Beyond Earth than in past games, and no one is more adept at cloak and dagger than the ARC and Suzanne Fielding.

History and Background

The third-largest economy in the world is the American Reclamation Corporation: the world's first and most powerful megacorporation. Beginning as a geo-engineering firm specializing in environmental risk mitigation, the ARC is credited with designing and carrying out the recovery plan that saved the United States from dissolving after the Great Mistake. Now ARC is involved in almost every nation's Seeding project and recovery plan. From crop sciences to tidal power generation to security contracting, the ARC has a project or product for every problem. Unique among Seeding projects in that they are entirely private, many other Seeding programs rely on ARC financing.

ARC Strategies

(Subject to change as more information becomes available!) Because Espionage is a good early source of Energy, buying Units and Buildings can be a bigger part of the early game with ARC. Over time ARC's Espionage bonus opens up further Science Covert Ops, which they should be able to reach faster than other Factions. ARC should try to leverage the early Energy surplus into faster growth, and prepare to switch from an Energy heavy economy to a Science heavy economy for the mid-game. There are Virtues that have Espionage bonuses, such as Information Warfare which allows you to recruit an extra Agent. Because of this, as well as all the general use value available from Virtues/Culture, Culture can be an important aspect of ARC gameplay.

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