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Not to be confused with Civilization IV: Colonization
American Revolution (Civ4)

American Revolution screenshot

The American Revolution is a scenario in Civilization IV.


You can play as the Americans or the British. Spain and France also appear as non-playable civilizations. The technology tree and religion are both disabled, making this a predominantly military scenario.

The British start out in control of Boston, Canada, Florida, and parts of the west. Like in other scenarios, events can occur in the game, such as British transports and troops arriving in Boston or two American Caravels appearing in a city. The Americans have a scenario-specific conscription ability, which gives them several Militia units to counteract attacks when British forces appear close to an American city. Spain and France both play small roles in this scenario, as they both have only a single city to produce units and will not send troops to the front lines until the scenario is almost over.


As in reality, there are only two ways to win: the player can either evict the British (or capture the American colonies) or wait for the British to surrender in time.

List of Leaders[]

  • Americans- Led by George Washington
    • Philosophical, Organized
    • Fishing, Agriculture
  • French-Led by King Louis XVI- Reused Louis XIV
  • Spanish-Led by King Carlos III- Reused Peter the great
  • English- Led by King George III- Reused Frederick the Great
    • Philosophical, Organized
    • Fishing, Mining

Scenario Specific units[]

  • Militia, 11Strength4
    • (cannot be built but spawns automatically when enemy approaches city, they have a limited lifespan and will always disband by themselves)
  • Minuteman, 13Strength4
  • Loyalist Irregular, 14Strength4
    • (cannot be built but spawns automatically when enemy approaches city)
  • Continental Regular, 15Strength4
  • British Regular, 16Strength4
  • Ship of the Line, 12Strength4 (European powers Unique naval unit cannot be built by Colonists)
  • French Regular/Spanish Regular/German Mercenaries, 14Strength4
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