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American cities are cities that can be founded by the American civilization in Civilization VI and its expansions. The first city founded is the Capital Capital, and the names of future cities are chosen at random from the list below.

The names listed are default names; players can change their cities' names if they choose.

Capital: Washington

Possible City Names:

City Name Notes
New York Most Populous City in the USA
Philadelphia Largest City in Pennsylvania
Boston Capital of Massachusetts
Baltimore Largest city in Maryland
Charleston Largest City in South Carolina
New Orleans Largest City in Louisiana
Cincinnati Seat of Hamilton County, Ohio
Los Angeles Largest City in California
St. Louis Independent port city in Missouri
Chicago Largest City in Illinois
Buffalo Second Largest City in New York
San Francisco Financial Centre of California
Cleveland Second largest City in Ohio
Detroit Most Populous City in Michigan
Houston Largest City in Texas
Atlanta Capital of Georgia
Dallas Commercial centre in North Texas
San Diego Second largest city in California
Phoenix Capital of Arizona
San Antonio City in Texas famous for The Alamo
San Jose City in Silicon Valley, California
Seattle Largest City in Washington
Portland Largest City in Oregon
Miami Major port City in Florida
Denver Capital of Colorado
Jacksonville Biggest city in Florida
Kansas City Largest City in Missouri
Richmond Capital of Virginia
Pittsburgh City in Pennsylvania
Las Vegas Largest City in Nevada
Albuquerque Most Populous City in New Mexico
Minneapolis Largest City in Minnesota
Sparks Location of Firaxis offices
Nashville Capital of Tennessee
San Juan Capital of Puerto Rico
Providence Capital of Rhode Island
Springfield Capital of Illinois
Boise Capital of Idaho
Centralia Near Ghost town in Pennsylvania. Perpetually on fire.