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Anansi is a Hero in Civilization VI. He is exclusive to the Heroes & Legends game mode, introduced in the Babylon Pack.


Like all Hero units, Anansi's Strength Strength increases with the progression of the eras, as shown in the table below.

Era Strength Combat Strength Ranged Strength Ranged Strength
Classical 28 40
Medieval 36 48
Renaissance 48 60
Industrial 60 72
Modern 72 88
Atomic 84 102
Information 88 106
Future 90 108

The Science Science and Culture Culture yields of Anansi's Tricks start at 60 and 50 (respectively) and increase by 30 per era.

Anansi's Tricks works regardless of who owns a resource. While it does generate Grievances Grievances if used within the territory of a major civilization (15 Grievances Grievances per use, regardless of whether the resource is improved or not), a strong strategy is to send him into the territory of someone with whom you have Open Borders and remove key resources, crippling their cities while reaping strong yields at the same time. On the other hand, a safer strategy that does not generate Grievances Grievances is to send him to resources that are right next to your enemy's borders and destroy them before they get subsumed into the enemy's territory.

The ability cannot be used in territory owned by an Ally. This restriction does not apply to city states where you are suzerain.

If recruited as the first hero, Anansi's Tricks is strong enough to single-handedly unlock Political Philosophy (giving you access to the first government).

Civilopedia entry[]

Anansi has traveled far, for a spider. The sometimes-human, sometimes-spider, sometimes-both trickster protagonist of a number of tales from the Akan people in present-day Ghana, Anansi is the hero of stories that have travelled with West African people wherever they have gone, especially amongst enslaved African people in the New World. Here, Anansi, sometimes re-named "Kompa Nanzi" or even "Aunt Nancy" (though Anansi is normally depicted as a man), remains a source of inspiration for those in less powerful positions seeking to use their wit and cunning to turn the tables on their oppressors. Whereas other heroes and deities might have mighty weapons, Anansi has stories.

Before, the sky-god Nyame kept all the stories for himself. Anansi went and asked for them, but Nyame posed to him a series of seemingly impossible tasks that involved gathering up the world’s most dangerous creatures. Anansi went about this not directly, but using the vanity and pride of the great beasts against them. For instance, he let the great python "accidentally" overhear Anansi speculating that the snake wasn’t nearly as long as a nearby branch, and when the python laid down next to the tree to show Anansi his length, Anansi bound him to the branch and captured him. After Nyame saw Anansi’s cleverness, he agreed that from that point on, all stories should belong to the spider, and this is why West Africans tell Anansi stories, and not Nyame stories.

Anansi is not always a virtuous hero. Like many other tricksters he can often be selfish, and at these times especially his plans often go awry. But he is a fitting hero for those who have had to rely upon quick thinking in order to get by.

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