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The Ancient Era in Civilization V represents the beginning of human civilization.

Game Info[]

This is the beginning period for each civilization, when it acquires the basic technologies and tools to control its surroundings. You will establish your Capital Capital, explore the lands around you, and begin to build improvements on your first patch of land. If you aim at quick expansion, you will probably establish 1 or 2 more cities before progressing. You should also attempt to establish a Pantheon.

It is unlikely that you will fight anything but Barbarians in this era - there are simply too many of them, and too few of you to attempt to fight another civilization. And you don't want a Barbarian unit wrecking your lands and capturing your Workers while you're off fighting a losing battle against another civilization! 




Other Properties[]

The Tradition, Liberty, and Honor social policy trees are unlocked. (In Civilization V: Brave New World, the Piety tree is also unlocked.)

When starting a game in the Ancient Era, players receive one Settler, one Warrior, 0 Culture Culture, and 0 Gold Gold.

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