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The Ancient Era is the first era in Civilization VI and represents the beginning of human civilization. It is followed by the Classical Era.


From the first stirrings of life beneath water... to the great beasts of the Stone Age... to man taking his first upright steps, you have come far. Now begins your greatest quest: from this early cradle of civilization on towards the stars.

Game InfoEdit

This is the beginning period for each civilization when it acquires the basic technologies and tools to control its surroundings. You will establish your Capital6 Capital, explore the lands around you, and begin to build improvements and districts on your first patch of land. If you aim at quick expansion, you will probably establish 1 or 2 more cities before progressing. You should also attempt to establish a Pantheon.

It is unlikely that you will fight anything but Barbarians in this era - there are simply too many of them, and too few of you to attempt to fight another civilization. And you don't want a Barbarian unit wrecking your lands and capturing your Builders while you're off fighting a losing battle against another civilization!

Ancient Era start Edit

  • When starting a game in the Ancient Era, players receive one Settler, one Warrior, and 10 Civ6Gold Gold.
  • The game starts at Turn6 Turn 1/500 (4000 BC) on Standard speed.

Technologies Edit

Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Pottery (Civ6)
- - Granary, Mekewap (Cree only)
Animal Husbandry (Civ6)
Animal Husbandry
- - Camp, Pasture, Kurgan (Scythia only)
Mining (Civ6)
- - Mine, Quarry
Sailing (Civ6)
- Found a city on the Coast. Fishing Boats, Galley, Viking Longship (Norway only)
Astrology (Civ6)
- Find a Natural Wonder. Stonehenge, Holy Site, Lavra (Russia only), Shrine
Irrigation (Civ6)
Pottery Farm a resource. Hanging Gardens, Plantation, Stepwell (India only)
Writing (Civ6)
Pottery Meet another civilization. Campus, Seowon (Korea only), Observatory (Maya only), Library
Archery (Civ6)
Animal Husbandry Kill a unit with a Slinger. Archer, Pítati Archer (Nubia only), Hul'che (Maya only), Temple of Artemis
Masonry (Civ6)
Mining Build a Quarry. Battering Ram, Ancient Walls, Pyramids, Great Wall (China only), Nubian Pyramid (Nubia only)
Bronze Working (Civ6)
Bronze Working
Mining Kill 3 Barbarians. Spearman, Hoplite (Greece only), Encampment, Ikanda (Zulu only), Barracks, Basilikoi Paides (Macedon only)
Wheel (Civ6)
Mining Mine a resource. Heavy Chariot, Maryannu Chariot Archer (Egypt only), Water Mill

Civics Edit

Civic Prerequisites Inspiration Unlocks
Code of Laws (Civ6)
Code of Laws
- - Discipline, Survey, God King, Urban Planning
Craftsmanship (Civ6)
Code of Laws Improve 3 tiles. Agoge, Ilkum, Chemamull (Mapuche only), Sphinx (Egypt only)
Foreign Trade (Civ6)
Foreign Trade
Code of Laws Discover a second continent. Maritime Industries, Caravansaries, Trader
Military Tradition (Civ6)
Military Tradition
Craftsmanship Clear a barbarian encampment. Maneuver, Strategos
State Workforce (Civ6)
State Workforce
Craftsmanship Build any specialty district. Conscription, Corvée, Government Plaza, 1 Governor Title
Early Empire (Civ6)
Early Empire
Foreign Trade Grow your civilization to at least 6 population. Limitanei, Colonization, Land Surveyors, Pairidaeza (Persia only), 1 Governor Title
Mysticism (Civ6)
Foreign Trade Found a pantheon. Inspiration, Revelation, Oracle, 1 Envoy6 Envoy

Tile ImprovementsEdit

Farm (Civ6) Farm
Camp (Civ6) Camp
Pasture (Civ6) Pasture
Mine (Civ6) Mine
Quarry (Civ6) Quarry
Fishing Boats (Civ6) Fishing Boats
Plantation (Civ6) Plantation
Mekewap (Civ6) Mekewap R&F-Only
Kurgan (Civ6) Kurgan
Stepwell (Civ6) Stepwell
Great Wall (Civ6) Great Wall
Nubian Pyramid (Civ6) Nubian Pyramid
Chemamull (Civ6) Chemamull R&F-Only
Sphinx (Civ6) Sphinx
Pairidaeza (Civ6) Pairidaeza
Terrace Farm (Civ6) Terrace Farm GS-Only
Qhapaq Ñan (Civ6) Qhapaq Ñan GS-Only


Districts and BuildingsEdit

Wonders Edit

Hanging Gardens (Civ6) Hanging Gardens
Oracle (Civ6) Oracle
Pyramids (Civ6) Pyramids
Stonehenge (Civ6) Stonehenge
Temple of Artemis (Civ6) Temple of Artemis R&F-Only
Great Bath (Civ6) Great Bath GS-Only

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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