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Antananarivo is a cultural city-state in Civilization VI. It was added in the Vikings Scenario Pack.


Antananarivo has great synergy with any civilizations that attempt a Cultural Victory. Besides the fact that it is a cultural city-state, its Suzerain bonus gives even more Culture Culture for every Great Person Great Person earned, which is one of the main priorities for cultural civs anyway. Some of the biggest beneficiaries are Kongo, Brazil, Sweden, and Russia, four civilizations with enhanced ability to earn Great Person Great People.

Civilopedia entry[]

The capital of Madagascar began as a sleepy highland town of the Vazimba people, until Imerinan King Andrianjaka took it for himself in the early 17th Century. From his royal compound he could look down upon the ever-expanding rice paddies that would keep his people fed. After a period of expansion and order, a decades-long Imerinan civil war turned Antananarivo into one of four capitals—but once the dust settled, it regained its status as the political center of the kingdom.

In the early 19th Century, King Radama I decreed the city open to European settlement. The city's booming economy drew artisans, manufacturers, and settlers. Factories flourished, infrastructure kept pace with the city's expansion, and distinctive architectural styles transformed the city's appearance. Radama's successors continued to cultivate cultural and technological advances, eventually decreeing a mandatory education for the city's citizens.

Then, in 1894, France invaded. Madagascar regained its independence from colonial authority in 1960, and with it, a modernized Antananarivo.


  • Antananarivo's city-state symbol is based on a ring-tailed lemur, an endangered species of lemur native to southwestern Madagascar and one of the most recognized species of its kind.
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