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Game InfoEdit

Front-line unit of the Atomic Era. Upgrades from the Lancer.

  • Common abilities:
    • Bonus vs Tanks (100)


The Anti-Tank Gun is basically a modified field gun, firing in a linear fashion as earlier era cannons. Developed so as to counter the new armored vehicles, Anti-Tank Guns excel at taking up a position and holding it against enemy forces. Despite their main role as anti-tank weapons, they can function almost as well as standard infantry, due to equal costs and similar combat strength. They are twice as effective when fighting armored units, and as such should be incorporated into your army as soon as possible to prevent an armored attack from breaking your infantry line, regardless of whether or not your enemy appears to have tanks. Though they are weak compared to Modern Armor, and should be replaced with Helicopter Gunships as soon as possible, they do decently well compared to other units, and cost less than half as much as Modern Armor and use no strategic resources.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Anti-tank guns are, not surprisingly, artillery units specially designed to destroy enemy tanks. These weapons are of necessity mobile, either self-propelled or easily dragged by truck or other heavy equipment. They fire shells specially designed to penetrate enemy armor. Anti-tank guns are often quite vulnerable to enemy infantry, and thus must be supported by anti-infantry units if the enemy gets too close.


  • Early AT guns were designed to fire low velocity explosive shells, and this quickly became obsolete. AT guns were forever changed when a German AA gunner was being approached by enemy tanks and with no weapons of clear defense strength against them, he aimed his Flak 88 AA gun towards the tanks and the shell, fired at such high velocity, proved to be much more effective than AT weapons.
  • The steady increase of armor on tanks eventually rendered AT guns ineffective at their role, although smaller AT guns such as the Lahti L-39 would continue to be employed as anti-sniper rifles.
  • The in-game model appears to be based on the WWII German PaK38 or PaK40 anti-tank gun.
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