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An Antiquity Site is a special resource in Civilization VI. It appears on various land tiles (even those that generally preclude resources, such as Floodplains and Oases) after discovering Natural History.

Antiquity sites' locations depend (apparently) on past events in the game, such as important battles, once-existing Tribal villages, and similar historically-interesting sites. They may appear underneath already-constructed Improvements and even Districts!


A single Archaeologist can work on various Antiquity Sites! The rule is that he will work on as many as necessary to complete the collection of its parent Archaeological Museum.

Given the fact that Antiquity sites don't allow further development of their tile, until their 'resource' has been depleted (meaning their Artifact has been excavated), it becomes almost imperative that you produce Archaeologists quickly, so that you could remove at least the Artifacts in your territory. Of course, in case they are found underneath Districts or existing Improvements that you don't intend to replace, you may safely ignore them. Still, each Artifact exhibited in a Museum produces a nice bonus Civ6Culture Culture, which comes handy even to non-culture victory pursuing players.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Francis Bacon wrote in 1605 that "antiquities are history defaced, or some remnants of history which have casually escaped the shipwreck of time." Treasure hunters, grave robbers, and academics have been seeking “antiquities” to carry back to civilization for a millennium. By definition, antiquities are objects from the past, ranging from simple arrowheads to artistic treasures. The sense that a lost civilization could be uncovered by a systematic study of its relics and artifacts has driven amateur collectors and eminent scholars (and thieves) to seek out and dig these up at antiquity sites around the globe … including some of the most inhospitable places known. This passion for collecting the leavings of the human past eventually gave rise to a new academic discipline - the field of archaeology.


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