Apocalypse is the first Game Mode in Civilization VI, introduced in the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack. It includes a new unit, two new disasters, a new Scored Competition and an end-game Apocalypse phase. It requires the Gathering Storm expansion to play.

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The Apocalypse Game Mode introduced a new Support unit, the Soothsayer, who can trigger disasters onto nearby tiles and come with special Promotion (Civ6) Promotions. In order to earn promotions for the Soothsayers, players will compete in a new Appease the Gods Competition, which triggers randomly throughout the game independently of the World Congress. During the Competition, the Soothsayer will have a special ability to sacrifice nearby military units to an active Volcano to earn points equal to the units' Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength.

In Apocalypse Game Mode, the Disaster Intensity will be set to 4, with all disasters much more intense and frequent. The Climate Change phase will start at I, instead of 0 (10% Ice is lost and sea level starts at 0.5 meters). Two additional types of disasters are also introduced: Solar Flares, a global disaster and Comet Strikes, signifying the impending end of the world.

When Climate Change reaches Phase VII, the world will enter the Apocalypse phase, where Comet Strikes will happen every turn until the end of the game. The other disaster unique to this mode, Solar Flares, will also occur much more often; this is the only disaster that affects the entire world at once.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement I'll melt with you (Civ6)
I'll melt with you
Win any Victory with Apocalypse mode enabled
The song I Melt With You, by Modern English.
Steam achievement The accursed share (Civ6)
The accursed share
Use a max-promotions Soothsayer to sacrifice a max-promotions GDR
This is a reference to the French Essay 'The Accursed Share'by Georges_Bataille
Steam achievement The end of the world as we know it (Civ6)
The end of the world as we know it
Be the last person standing after comets begin falling
This might be a reference to the song It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by American rock band R.E.M..
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