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In Civilization VI, Appeal is a special adjacency bonus that measures how attractive a tile is to both citizens and tourists. It is an important factor to consider when deciding where to place various District (Civ6) Districts and improvements. Appeal applies only to land tiles.

Mechanics Edit

Appeal is represented by an integer value on each tile, and is broken down into five different levels that range from a low of "Disgusting" to a high of "Breathtaking" (see below). The current value and level of Appeal can be viewed in the tile's tooltip.

Appeal value by default is 0, which is then modified by the terrain type, features, and improvements in surrounding tiles as follows:

All Appeal modifiers are cumulative: for example, a Coast with a Water Park built on it will yield +2 Appeal, while a pillaged Mine or a Rainforest with a Mine in it will yield -2 Appeal.

Brazil alters the Appeal of Rainforests on its territory from -1 to +1. It is unclear if this only works for Brazil itself, or other nations adjoining their Rainforests will also benefit from the alteration.

Teddy Roosevelt grants +1 Appeal to every tile in a city with a National Park.

In addition, there are some GreatPerson6 Great People and wonders that can boost the Appeal of tiles. Alvar Aalto and Charles Correa provide +1 and +2 Appeal bonuses (respectively) to tiles owned by the city in which they use their unique ability, the Golden Gate Bridge provides a +4 Appeal bonus to tiles owned by the city that builds it, and the Eiffel Tower provides a +2 Appeal bonus to every tile in its owner's territory.

A tile with greater Appeal is more attractive to people and thus will allow a Neighborhood placed on it to provide more Housing6 Housing, as outlined in the table below.

Level of Appeal Value Housing6 Housing
Breathtaking 4 or more 6
Charming 2 to 3 5
Average -1 to 1 4
Uninviting -3 to -2 3
Disgusting -4 or less 2

Australia gains additional yield bonuses from Theater Squares, Holy Sites, Commercial Hubs, and Campuses placed on tiles with high Appeal: +1 for Charming, +3 for Breathtaking.

Finally, National Parks, Seaside Resorts, and Ski Resorts generate Tourism6 Tourism (and Civ6Gold Gold, in the case of Seaside Resorts) based on the Appeal of the tiles on which they are placed.

Strategy Edit

Appeal can be important in all circumstances, but it is especially important for players pursuing a Cultural Victory, because it affects two of the most powerful late game Tourism6 Tourism generators: National Parks and Seaside Resorts. You might think that there isn't much you can do in regards to Appeal aside from planning ahead and settling cities in locations where you could later enjoy appealing terrain. However, that's not entirely true!

As shown above, there are two factors which are player-dependent, and which can influence Appeal: building districts and placing Woods (which becomes possible after developing the Conservation civic), as well as removing features which have negative influence (i.e. Marshes and Rainforests). In Rise and Fall, there is also the City Park improvement, which grants +2 Appeal on neighboring tiles and can be constructed in any city to which Liang is currently assigned as a Governor (if she has the Parks and Recreation title). If you use these tools wisely, you will be able to improve the Appeal of select tiles, and then place the above-mentioned improvements on them.

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