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Appease the Gods is a special Scored Competition in the Apocalypse Game Mode, introduced in the Maya & Gran Colombia Pack. It triggers randomly throughout the game independently of the World Congress, and involves the Soothsayer.

Scoring Criteria[]

Civilizations are granted points for using the Soothsayer to sacrifice combat units adjacent to an active Volcano. Points are equal to the unit's base Strength Combat Strength. Naval units are not eligible.


  • Gold Tier (highest score): 1 free Soothsayer
  • Silver Tier (top 25% of scores): 1 random promotion for all existing and future Soothsayer units. +2 Faith Faith per turn.
  • Bronze Tier (next top 25% of scores): +2 Faith Faith per turn.

Civilizations that finish with the highest score will receive both Gold Tier and Silver Tier prizes.

The main reward of this competition is the random free promotion (Gold and Silver Tiers), which comes with at least 1 extra charge. All your Soothsayers receive the same promotion, even the ones recruited later on.

You can unlock more promotions for your Soothsayers by participating in this competition multiple times (up to a maximum of 5 promotions). For a list of the possible promotions, see the Soothsayer page.

Related achievements[]

The accursed share
The accursed share
Use a max-promotions Soothsayer to sacrifice a max-promotions GDR
A reference to the The Accursed Share, a treatise by French philosopher Georges Bataille.
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1 Apocalypse mode only

GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.