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The Aquarium is an entertainment building of the Industrial Era in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It is built in the Water Park district and requires a Ferris Wheel (or one of its replacements).

  • Effects:
    • +1 Amenities6 Amenity from entertainment. This bonus extends to each City Center within 9 tiles. This bonus applies once to a city, and multiple copies of this building within 9 tiles of a City Center do not provide additional bonuses.
    • +1 Civ6Science Science to each coastal resource, Shipwreck (Civ6) Shipwreck, and Reef tile in this city.

Strategy Edit

The Aquarium provides an extra Amenities6 Amenity to all cities within nine tiles of its district, as well as extra Civ6Science Science from Reefs, Shipwreck (Civ6) Shipwrecks, and water-based resources within its city's territory. If you build it in a Civ6Science Science-focused city, be sure not let any Archaeologists excavate nearby Shipwreck (Civ6) Shipwrecks (unless you have no other way to get an Artifact6 Artifact you desperately need).

Civilopedia entry Edit

The modern aquarium brings the pleasure of seeing the great beasts of the deep without putting one's limbs at risk. They would provide a bridge between spectacle and education.

The Romans would get a start in the fish tank game with their early marble aquariums with a single pane of glass around 50 CE. However, the first public aquarium wouldn't appear until 1853, with the construction of the London Zoo's 'Fish House.'

Today, Atlanta, Georgia boasts the largest aquarium in the world featuring a whopping 24 million gallon shark tank.

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