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The Aqueduct is a District District in Civilization VI, which provides early water infrastructure. It requires Engineering, and must be placed adjacent to the City Center and either a Mountain, Oasis, Lake, or River (which must be on an edge of the tile that is not directly between the City Center and the Aqueduct).

  • Effects:
    • Cities that do not yet have existing fresh water receive up to 6 Housing Housing.
    • Cities that already have existing fresh water will instead get 2 Housing Housing.
    • GS-Only.png Prevents Food Food loss during droughts.
    • GS-Only.png +1 Amenity Amenity if adjacent to a Geothermal Fissure.
    • GS-Only.png Military Engineers can spend a charge to complete 20% (rounding down) of an Aqueduct's production.
    • Does not depend on Citizen Population.
  • Restrictions:
    • Limit of one per city.


The Aqueduct is not a specialty district, meaning that you can construct it in any city which has the right conditions without subtracting from your maximum district count, as Citizen Population dictates.

The description of how much Housing Housing is gained is misleading: it does not add 6 Housing Housing, but instead sets the Housing Housing from water to 6 if the city doesn't have fresh water. Originally, cities with no water have 2 Housing Housing from water, cities with coastal water have 3 Housing Housing, and cities with fresh water get 5 Housing Housing. So, in effect, the Aqueduct gives 4, 3, or 2 Housing Housing for a total of 6, 6, or 7, respectively.

While Aqueducts may seem at first to be a mediocre district that's only useful if there are only mountains and no sources of fresh water around, they become far more valuable if you take into account the major adjacency bonus that Aqueducts give to Industrial Zones. Immediately they provide 2 extra Production Production, and another 2 Production Production on top once you construct a Coal Power Plant, followed by yet another 4 Production Production with the Craftsmen or Five-Year Plan policy cards that double the adjacency bonus. Therefore, instead of thinking of Aqueducts as something to build only for your cities without fresh water, you should instead consider them a district that gives your city 2 Housing Housing and a possible 8 Production Production, which are pretty decent yields. If the Aqueduct can be placed next to a Geothermal Fissure, you'll net 1 Amenity Amenity as well.

The Khmer civilization's Aqueducts provide them with an additional 1 Faith Faith for every Citizen Population and 1 Amenity Amenity, and also increase the Food Food output of adjacent Farms by 2. Incan Terrace Farms receive 2 Production Production from each adjacent Aqueduct. Finally, as Mayan cities never naturally receive bonus Housing Housing from water, Aqueducts in their cities always provide the maximum of 4 Housing Housing.

Aqueducts cannot be built from any natural wonder, even when they provide fresh water or look like a Mountain.

Civilopedia entry[]

The remains of aqueducts – man-made watercourses – have been found scattered about ancient settlements around the world ... Egypt, India, Persia, Greece, Azteca, and especially across the once-Roman lands. Over 415 kilometers (about 258 miles) of aqueducts brought fresh water to the metropolis of Rome for drinking and bathing. These Roman aqueducts were marvels of engineering (considering the times) and often roofed, so also serving as bridges where they crossed ravines and waterways. Although there were some health issues involved in the design of aqueducts (notably the sometime use of lead to line them), in general a supply of relatively-clean water was a boon to any town hoping to grow into a city.


Related achievements[]

An Engineer's Dream
An Engineer's Dream
Have a Canal, Dam, Aqueduct, Railroad, Golden Gate Bridge, and Mountain Tunnel in a city.
All of the above are related to the discipline of civil engineering, with the Military Engineer being able to contribute to all except the Golden Gate Bridge.
As Pachacuti, construct a Terrace Farm that is adjacent to 2 Aqueducts and 4 Mountains
A reference to Samwise Gamgee's enunciation of 'potatoes' from the 2002 Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers film. The Inca were the first civilization in the world to cultivate potatoes.
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