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The Aqueduct is a building in Civilization Revolution.


Build an Aqueduct to spur your city's growth! An Aqueduct will increase your city's growth by roughly 50%.

Civilopedia entry[]

Aqueducts are man-made "canals" which carry water from distant sources to a thirsty city. The most famous aqueducts were constructed by the Romans, who built hundreds of miles of elevated stone structures to bring water ro Rome. Many of these aqueducts remain standing today, testament to the skill of the Roman engineers.


  • The word "aqueduct" in Latin means "leading of water."
  • The waters of Lake Texcoco, the lake that surrounded the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, were controlled by a series of aqueducts and dams so that the floating capital of the Aztecs could be protected year round by the lake. These aqueducts were used until the mid-nineteenth century.
  • The Romans were master aqueduct builders. The this day, Roman aqueducts can be seen in Segovia, Spain, Pont du Gard, France and Kavala, Greece standing much as they have for nearly two thousand years.