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The Archaeologist is an Industrial Era civilian unit in Civilization VI. It can only be trained in a city that has a Theater Square with an Archaeological Museum (with at least one free slot).


The Archaeologist has similar functions as in Civilization V: Brave New World, although it can't create Landmark improvements. A single Archaeologist, however, can (usually) extract Artifact Artifacts from three sites before disbanding, which justifies its high cost and specific requirements.

The mechanics that govern how Archaeologists are produced and used are now slightly different. Each Archaeologist belongs to a specific city, which is visible in its tooltip info. The idea is that an Archaeologist is sort of an extension of an Archaeological Museum, sent by it, as it were, to complete its collection. Consequently, several things hold true:

  1. Each Archaeological Museum can support only one Archaeologist. A city which already has an Archaeologist won't be able to train (or purchase) another one. The only exception to this is England, which can train at most two Archaeologists per city prior to Gathering Storm.
  2. An Archaeologist has as many charges as there are free slots in its parent Museum. This means that, if a slot in its Museum has been filled by means other than the Archaeologist digging out an Artifact Artifact (for example, due to a trade with another civilization, or a Great Work Heist), its charges will nevertheless diminish by 1.
  3. Once all of an Archaeological Museum's slots are filled (i.e., its collection is complete), it no longer needs Archaeologists, and the Archaeologist affiliated with that Museum's city will automatically disband.
  4. If, for any reason, the Archaeologist digs up an Artifact Artifact and there are no more free slots in any of your Museums (or any other all-purpose slots in other buildings), the Artifact Artifact will be lost.
  5. If Artifact Artifacts are moved, stolen, or traded away from an Archaeological Museum, it will be possible to train a new Archaeologist in that city. The new Archaeologist will have as many charges as there are free slots in its city's Museum (i.e., as many as necessary to complete its collection).

Archaeologists cannot enter another civilization's territory without an Open Borders treaty, unless your civilization has built the Terracotta Army.

Civilopedia entry[]

Archaeologists study human behavior in the past, primarily through the excavation and analysis of human fossils, the ruins of buildings, and the remains of human artifacts. Although controversies rage about the ownership of artifacts, treasures, and human remains recovered, thousands of archaeologists still operate around the world at excavations sites, in museums, and on university campuses. These men and women work to undercover the common beliefs and daily activities of various peoples throughout history, furthering our understanding of our own history.


  • Each Archaeologist's name is chosen from its home civilization's citizen list.


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