Archaeologist at an Antiquity Site (Civ6)

An Archaeologist at an Antiquity Site, ready to excavate an artifact.

Choose artifact (Civ6)

After you excavate, you may choose between one of two Artifacts to discover.

In Civilization VI, Archaeology deals with Artifact6 Artifacts that are extracted from Antiquity Site (Civ6) Antiquity Sites and Shipwreck (Civ6) Shipwrecks using Archaeologists and then taken to Archaeological Museums. These Artifact6 Artifacts can be kept for Civ6Culture Culture and Tourism6 Tourism bonuses, or traded with other civilizations.

Artifacts by eraEdit

  • Ancient: Javelin, Mask, Mummy, Scroll, Stone Tablet
  • Classical: Amphora, Aspis, Axe, Bracelet, Mosaic
  • Medieval: Chalice, Longsword, Plate Mail, Signet Ring, Silver Coin
  • Renaissance: Astrolabe, Doubloon, Earring, Fresco, Halberd
  • Industrial: Broadsheet, Clock, Flintlock Pistol, Map, Necklace

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