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Archer (CivRev)

Ground unit

A/D 1/2
Moves 1
Cost 10
Upgrades to Pikeman
or Rifleman
Required technologies

Bronze Working

Required resources


Other attributes

Final upgrade is Modern Infantry

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The Archer is the first strong defensive unit in Civilization Revolution. It becomes available once the technology Bronze Working has been discovered.

Unit Analysis[]

Archers cost the same as Warriors (10 production), have the same attack and movement and double the defense. This defense isn't met by an equal attack until the arrival of the Legion.

These units, like the others in its lineage, are best used to defend cities. They are also useful for defending borders if they are upgraded with perks such as Loyalty and Guerrilla.

Archers inside cities do not have to advance into spaces occupied by enemies they have attacked and defeated.

Unique Replacements[]

English Archers are replaced by the Longbow Archer. Compared to the regular Archer, it has +1 defense from England's Ancient Era bonus.

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