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Archimedes is a Great Person in Civilization Revolution.


  • Type of Great Person: Great Scientist
  • Tech Required: Engineering


Players have an interesting choice before them when a Great Scientist appears in their city: use the Scientist to immediately complete whatever tech they may be researching at the time or have the Scientist settle in their city and provide a substantial bonus to Science production in that city!


Archimedes of Syracuse (287 BC - 212 BC) was the greatest mathematician of his age. The Greek scientist's discoveries revolutionized mathematics, particularly geometry. As much a practical engineer as a theoretician, Archimedes invented a screw to draw water from deep wells, an ingenious pulley system for moving heavy loads, and a number of effective defensive weapons to protect his city from Roman attack.

Fun Facts[]

The Archimedes Screw was one of the earliest methods of transporting water to an area higher than the level of the water itself. A tool similar to his screw is thought to have been used to transport water from the Euphrates River to the banks of Nebuchadnezzar's Hanging Gardens.

While most likely untrue, one of the more popular tales of Archimedes's discovery of water displacement is told as follows: Archimedes, placing himself in a bath after a long day of thought noticed something he had not before. When he sat himself in the tub, the level of the water rose. When he removed himself, it sank. So thrilled was the Greek scholar that he leapt from the bath, nude, and ran into the street screaming "Eureka!" doubtless much to the discomfiture of passersby.